Issue 11 and Volume 29.

FIRE NEWS FROM ALL PARTS. Old hospital and school section of Buckner Orphans’ home at Dallas, Tex., burned. Annona, Tex., which lias no fire protection, has had a $30,000 fire. Eleven buildings burned. Half of the non-lire-protected town of Shelby, Minn., burned. Loss (partially insured), $35,000. Four persons very seriously burned by the eqplosion of a gasolene lamp in an hotel at Colfax, Wash. Firebugs are doing their best to burn Brownsville, Tenn. One drug store has been fired three times. The office of the Peterborough, Out., Examiner destroyed by fire. Loss $35,000; insurance $15,000. Senator Elsberg’s bill providing for fire drills in the schools of the State of New York has passed at Albany. Assistant Chief Cook has succeeded Fire Marshal Kellogg as chief of the fire department of Seattle, Wash. The paint shop and show room of Campbell’s Carriage factory at London, Ont., were burned at a night…

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