Issue 11 and Volume 29.

WATERWORKS PROGRESS DURING 1900. A. H. Hall bus been elected a member of the water board of Leominster, Muss., for the next three years. The other members of the board are W. H. Chase (chairman) and S. A. Stevens (clerk), with J. G. Tenney, treasurer and superintendent. During 1900 the extensions of mains—all six-inch—amounted to 11,232 feet; 9,125 feet of old cement-lined pipe—six-inch to two-inch—has been replaced by cast-iron pipe—twelveinch to six-inch; seventeen public hydrants and one private have also heen set, ten of small size have been replaced by the same number of larger size, and one two-inch blow-off gate set; ninety-six service connections have been made, making a total of 2,166; 6,813 feet of service-pipe—cast iron, cement, and galvanized six-inch to seven-inch have been put in ; total number of metered services, 394. Schedule rates charged $25,834.88; motor, $8,066.11; for public use (including $49.25 for cemeteries, $171 for…

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