Issue 12 and Volume 29.

FIREPROOF WOOD CONTRACTS. A special dispatch from Washington, dated March 20, says that the fireproof wood scandal is about to have another airing in the Navy department at the instance of Chief Constructor Bowles, whose recent decision on certain material to be used at the New York Navy yard in repairs on the cruiser Baltimore had been made the subject of an appeal by former Secretary Herbert, attorney for a so-called electrical process of fire-proofing, which involves no use of electricity whatever. When Mr. Roosevelt became Assistant Secretary of the Navy he found that the legs of camp stools and everything not metallic aboard warships were being “protected” by this expensive non-electric process, and he soon reduced its application to deck planking and flagstaff’s, substituting metal and other non-inflammable materials for the bulkheads, furniture, etc. In he recent necessity to procure some alleged fireproof lumber at New York for the…

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