Issue 12 and Volume 29.

NEW ENGLAND WATERWORKS ASSOCIATION. At the March meeting of the New England Waterworks association held at Headquarters in the Tremont Temple,on March 13, the program as published in these columns on March 9 was adhered to. President Crandall was in the chair, and the following members and guests were in attendance: Active Members.—Charles H. Baldwin; Lewis M. Bancroft; Frank A. Barbour; Joseph E. Beals; James E. Bigelow; Dexter Brackett; Edwin C. Brooks; Fred Brooks; Wulter I. Brown; James Burnie ; George Cassell ; George F. Chace; G. L. Chapin; John C. Chase; William F. Codd; Freeman C. Coffin ; R. C. P. Coggeshall; Byron I. Cook; F. H. Crandall; Arthur W. Dean ; A. O. Doane ; Eben R.Dryer; Charles H. Eglee ; Frank L. Fuller; Julius C. Gilbert; D. H. Gilderson; J. F. Gleason; Albert S. Glover; Amos A. Gould; Richard A. Hale;Frank E. Hall; Hon. John O. Hall;…

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