Issue 12 and Volume 29.

NEW YORK WATER NOTES. GOVERNOR ODELL has signed, without making any comment, the Morgan bill repealing the powers of the Ramapo Water company as established by the act of 1895. The bill had been under the consideration of the State attorney, general since its passage by the senate last week, and he reported to the governor his opinion, to the effect that he considered the measure constitutional. The governor had already signed the Morgan bill, enabling New York city to condemn lands for watersheds, and the Slater amendment of the constitution, increasing the debt limit of the city for water purposes, has passed both houses. There are those, however, who smell the rat of corruption and intrigue in the bill for the incorporation of the Tower River Rower and Supply company cf Niagara, with a capitalization of $5,000,000, which Assemblyman Leggett lias just introduced at Albany. This bill authorizes the…

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