Issue 12 and Volume 29.

FIRE AND WATER LONDON stands In the unique position of being the only great city In the world which does not control its own water supply. If the eight companies who supply the citizens of the British metropolis had had their own way, It would have been still further distinguished (and not favorably) as the only great city where tho use of the obsolete, unsanitary cistern was obligatory in every tenement. Happily, the evil designs of the monopolists were defeated. HOWEVER Incongruous it may seem for a fireman or a policeman to wear a diamond ring, Cldcf Croker’s recent experience may now be quoted in its favor. Had It not been for that apparently superfluous ornament,he might now be nursing a left baud from which the little finger had been removed by the bite of a savage horse attached to the water tower. As he was parsing in front of…

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