Issue 12 and Volume 29.

NEW YORK’S ALLEGED WASTE OF WATER. THE cry is being reiterated day by day by certain of the Metropolitan newspapers, that New York in .general, and the borough of Manhattan in particular is “wasting water at a prodigal and scandalous rate,” and that, not by “careless or too free use,” but “through leaky mains into sewers and underground rivers.” It is insisted that almost every large excavation made nowadays for building purposes uncovers such a leak, [and that, therefore,] it is well within bounds of reason and judgment to reckon that more than one-half of the water which comes down to the island through the aqueducts never gets into service pipes at all, but flows directly from leaky mains into the sewers and subterranean streams. Those who pen such paragraphs are either guilty of deceit one way or another, or write ignorantly and rashly—at best they are devoid of the…

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