Issue 13 and Volume 29.

PERSONAL. Chief Larkin, of Dayton, Ohio, has been in the city for a few days, the guest of I. B. Markey, of the Eureka fire hose company. He was a visitor at the office of FIRE AND WATER last Tuesday. Samuel L. Morison, of the New York Continental Jewell Filtration company, who has been abroad for three mouths, has returned to New York and assumed active duty with his company. Mr. Morison, while in Paris, underwent an operation fora muscular contraction of one of his feet. While in England he secured a contract for a mechanical filter plant for York. Peter Milne, C. E., has been retained by the city of East Orange, N. J., to estimate the value of the company’s waterworks plant, with a view to its purchase by the city.

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