Issue 16 and Volume 29.

READING’S WATER REPORT. Superintendent Lewis M. Bancroft, of the Reading, Mass., water department, reports that during 1900 6,425.5 feet of eight-inch and 5,688.5 feet of six-inch pipe were laid, and forty-one services put in during 1900. The total mileage of mains (cast iron) in use is 26.902; number of sendees, 1,057; hydrants, 140; stopgates, 234; blow-off gates, fourteen; range of pressure on mains at centre for day and night, sixty-eight to seventy-eight pounds. The service pipes in use are of galvanized iron, cement-lined and lead-lined iron, and cast iron; size from three-quarter-inch to six inches. The, pumpage (Blake pumps) for the year was 54,250 4 65 gallons (average static head pumped against, 219; dynamic, 240); average daily consumption, 148,631 gallons; to each inhabitant (4,969) 29.91 gallons; to each consumer (4,200); 35.38 gallons; to each tap (distribution), 140.48; coal consumed, 435,560 pounds; cost of pumping figured on pumping station expenses, $2,873.71;…

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