Issue 16 and Volume 29.

A FAMOUS MOUNTAIN RESORT BURNED. On the night of April 3 3, the summit of Mount Tom, Mass., was brilliantly lighted up by a fire which left the Eyrie house in ruins and caused a loss of about $10,000. The house was on the summit of the north end the mountain commonly known as Mount Nonotuck. For years it has been a popular resort, and had been enlarged year after year,until from a tiny house half a century ago it became a spacious structure. The fire started in the brush on the mountain side and spread to outbuildings, which set the main structure afire. The property was owned by William Street, who for fifty years has lived on the mountain top. The hotel originally cost from from $35,000 to $35,000, but of late years it has been suffered to remain in need of repairs.

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