Issue 16 and Volume 29.

THE NEW TENEMENTHOUSE BILL. GOVERNOR ODELL has signed the four New York tenementhouse bills recently passed by the State legislature, on the recommendation of the Roosevelt tenementhouse commission. The bills are not so perfect as not to require sundry defects in them to be remedied by supplemental legislation. The definition of a tenement, however, will not be changed, and apartmenthouses will not be exemted from the provisions of the act. Any building wherein three or more families reside will come within the scope of operation of the law. Governor Odell and the legislators who have the legislation in charge fear that the exemption of apartmenthouses would precipitate wholesale violations of the law, and they will take no chances. The amendments to be made by the Stranahan bill will permit the use of wood made fireproof—certainly, very slowburning—as is possible under modern processes, in lieu of other fireproof materials mentioned in…

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