Issue 16 and Volume 29.

EXPERIMENTAL FILTER STATIONS. FILTRATION of the water supply bids fair to become universal wherever any suspicion is entertained as to the purity of the source. To this end experimental stations are generally made use of, and these often involve an elaborate preliminary experimentation, conducted before instituting the system of filtration that has been adopted. Those who do not understand the reason for takihg this course are apt to grumble over the delay and expense attending upon it. Anticipating these objections in the case of Philadelphia’s experiments in filtration, Dr. Abbott, director of the University laboratory of hygiene, took up the matter in a recent lecture delivered by him on the subject of “Polluted Water Supply.” He showed that, until the principles of filtration are thoroughly established, it is well known that filtration involved a considerable number of technical details, according to the character of the water that was to be…

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