Issue 16 and Volume 29.

BOOK NOTICE. Nicaragua or Panama. By Phillippe Bunau-Varilla, Former Engineer-in-chief of the Panama Canal; Director of the Congo Kailway; President of the Madrid, Caceres, Portugal, and West of Spain Railways. New York: The Knickerbocker Press. 1901. The author of the above brochure has published in book form the substance of a series of conferences made before the Chamber of Commerce, New York, the Commercial club, of Cincinnati, the Engineers’ club, of the same city, the Commercial club, of Boston, Princeton. N. J., university, etc., etc., etc. The object of the author is to expose to the “ clear light of day all the irrefutable facts that Providence has subjected to a severe test the sagacity of man, by giving apparently to the isthmus of Nicaragua all good qualities, and to the isthmus of Panama all defects for an interoceanic waterway, when in reality it has given to the latter and…

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