Issue 16 and Volume 29.

CHARLOTTE AND ITS WATERWORKS. (Specially written for FIRE AND WATER.) CHARLOTTE, N. C., April 9, 1901. SINCE the board of water commissioners assumed control here there has been a very marked improvement in the water system. The end of the fiscal year has been reached without any floating indebtedness and with the interest on bonds and all current expenses paid. The waterworks has cost the city from funds received from the finance committee of the board of aldermen in two years a total of $3,400 to date, and has given (he city in return a service valued at $38,124. In this are included fire services for 147 hydrants for two years, at $40 a year each ($11,760); freewater for the fire department, streetsprinKllng service, public drinking fountains, public graded school, four charitable institutions, etc—making a total of $3,347.14, in addition to the hydrant money. Add to this $23,016.96, the amount…

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