Issue 17 and Volume 29.

WOOD PIPE IN THE WEST. (Specially written for FIRE AND WATER.) ALTHOUGH cost iron has generally superseded the nse of other materials for water pipes, yet the use of wood pipe has by no means died out. Not many decades ago wooden water pipe mains were common enough in this country and notably in this city; and to this the old mains of Aaron Burr’s company, which every now and again are laid bare by excavation in certain parts of the downtown district below Canal street, bear ample witness. Today, also, in the city of London proper, where deep trenches are being dug for the reception of the government’s telephone wires, especially in Cheapside, the workmen have come across similar pipes, which tell of the primitive system of water distribution in vogue in the British metropolis in the days of the later Stuarts when the supply was furnished by wheels…

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