Issue 17 and Volume 29.

WATER FOR EATONTOWN. The Tintern Manor Water company will be able to supply water at Eatontown, N. J., by the first of August. By the first of May work will be begun and pushed with vigor to its completion. Several large contracts have been awarded by the company for furnishing important parts of the plant. W. P. Dallett, of Philadelphia, has contracted to furnish four gas engines of 250-horse-power each to run the four pumps,which have a capacity of 5,000,000 gallons each. The company will make its own gas from buckwheat coal, and the pump plant will be the largest in the country run by producer’s gas. The first 5,000,000-gallon unit of this plant is to be erected by the first of July, and the other three will be ready for service by March 1,1902. The contract for the construction of the filter plant has been let to the New…

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