Issue 18 and Volume 29.

HEROIC RESCUES BY NEWY0RK FIREMEN. At the risk of their lives Firemen Matthew J. Cummings and John Moclair, of hook and ladder company No. 23, New York fire department rescued two very aged women from the fifth floor of the flathouse 172 Amsterdam avenue, Manhattan. The firemen, driven back by the flames on the regular stairway, dashed down to the street again to the fifth floor next door and went over the file escapes to the front windows of the burning house. Moclair waited outside and Cummings went in on hands and knees. Smoke was pouring out of the four windows in clouds, and tongues of flame shot out now and then. It seemed certain death to go in. On Cummings reappearing he handed the sixty-five-year old woman to Moclair, and dashed back into whai was now a furnace. After some time he came out staggering to the window, half…

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