Issue 19 and Volume 29.

THE JACKSONVILLE FIRE. WITHIN a few hours over $10,000,000 worth of property was swept away by fire at Jacksonville, Fla.; 10,000 persons were rendered homeless; many were ruined; at least 148 blocks of the city were laid waste; and several lives were lost. The burned district is thirteen blocks wide and two miles long, and extends from the St.John’s river, where it burned ten docks to the water’s edge, to Catharine street on the east, Orange street on the north, and Davis street to the west—the immense area being swept as clean as a floor. In proportion to the size of the city, this was probably the most widely extending Are, as it was proportionately the most costly that ever took place in the United States. The Chicago fire of October 7, 1871, destroyed 12,000 buildings, covering an area of nearly five square miles, and caused a loss of $33,000,000.…

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