Issue 19 and Volume 29.

JACKSONVILLE IN ASHES. Shortly after noon on Saturday last a fire broke out in the shredding room of the fibre factory of the American Fibre company—a frame building at the corner of Davis and Union streets, Jacksonville, Fla. The flames spread like wildfire, and,aided by a strong west wind, soon showed the fire department that it would be all it could do to conquer them. There had been delay in turning in an alarm, which of itself gave the fire every chance to make headway; the stiff wind was also carrying the sparks and burning embers right along into the very heart of the business centre; and, to add to the disaster, the engine at the waterworks broke down, and nothing more than ordinary water pressure could thenceforth be obtained. The Boston store, a huge furniture establishment, had by that time got on fire, and the flames leaped across Davis…

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