Issue 22 and Volume 29.

BIDS FOR SEWERING HAVANA A Havana, Cuba, dispatch of May 29, is as follows: “ Bids for the sewering and paving of Havana were opened to.day. Only one bid was received, and this was from Onaerdonk, Me Lei lan & Dady, of NewYork. The amount specified was $18,855,575.01. The bid was referred to the city engineer, Lieut. William J. Barden, to be considered by him for three dars. It will be sent to the Ayuntamiento for three days more, and thence to Gen. Wood for filial approval. The bidding firm deposited $500,000, and they will be obliged to deposit $500,000 additional on the signing of the contract, besides returning to the State the $230,000 given to Mr. Dady at the time he secured the settlement of his claims arising from a previous contract.”

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