Issue 22 and Volume 29.

ARE FIREPROOF BUILDINGS FIREPROOF? A PITTSBURGH correspondent’s letter which appears In another column asks the pertinent question : “ Are our many so-called fireproof buildings fireproof?” The experiences of Pittsburgh, borne out by those of other cities, should show him that, even so far as regards their outer walls, such structures are not fireproof, especially when, as has happened in this city and elsewhere, these walls art; pierced with air and lightshaft, windows, which, even when protected with iron shutters, admit the flames from a fierce fire in the buildings ndjoining them. Much less can they be looked upon as absolutely fireproof, when their window frames their doorways, their panelings, doors, and partitions are of wood which has not been rendered non-flammable, when their rooms are stutTed with combustible materials, or when explosive compounds are stored withiu them. Even when Buch buildings may be of fireproof construction, they may yet…

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