Issue 22 and Volume 29.

FIRE TESTS WITH FLOORS. ELSEWHERE in this impression will be found an account of some fire tests with floors made in London by the British Fire-Prevention committee, an organization whose objects are: To direct attention to the urgent need for increased protection of life and property from fire by the adoption of preventive measures. To use its influence iu every direction towards minimizing the possibilities and dangers of fire. To bring together those scientifically interested in the subject of fire-prevention. To arrange periodical meetings for the discussion of practical questions bearing on the same. To establish a readingroom, library, and collections for purposes of research, and for supplying recent and authentic information on the subject of fire prevention. To publish from time to time papers specially prepared for the committee, together with records, extracts, and translations. To undertake such independent investigations and tests of materials, methods, and appliances as may…

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