Issue 22 and Volume 29.

BEAVERS ATTACK A BIG DAM. “If you see it in the [New York] Sun, it’s so.” Wherefore, the following story, which appeared in that paper on Sunday, May 26 must be true. The dispatch is dated Betnis, Me., May 24, and is to the following effect: “Horace Frost, one of the Berlin Mills company’s superintendents, had the gates in the dam above Kennebago Falls hoisted the other day to let the water out. When he did so he noticed a beaver on the other side of the dam busily at work cutting a 12×12 timber used as a brace. The crew of twenty-five or thirty men were called to witness the unusual sight— for it is asserted that beavers will never work in sight of human beings. The crowd watched the industrious little fellow as he first gave his uppercuts and then his undercuts, and then, if the chip did…

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