Issue 22 and Volume 29.

CORRESPONDENCE. FIREPROOF BUILDINGS. To the EDITOR : Are our many so-called fireproof buildings fireproof. Not to question the fact that great progress has been made in this direction during the past few years, yet,in any one of these fireproof structures so-called have we arrived at the acme of perfection in securing immunity from devastating fires? As a rule, so far as the outer walls are concerned, they are fireproof. But, as at present constructed, do such buildings secure all that is necessary for the safety of property and of life? What is a fireproof building? Strictly speaking, is it not one whose whole structure in its internal as well as external parts, in its fittings and furnishing on the inside as well as its outer exposed surface is made fireproof? On this point a State commissioner of records says: “The building itself may stand the test, but, when the internal…

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