Issue 22 and Volume 29.

REPORT OF PLYMOUTH’S WATER BOARD. The water commissioners of Plymouth, Mass., in their forty-sixth annual report, state that the receipts for last year amounted to $67,658.06, of which $21,814.67 were for water rates, and that the expenditures included the sums of $4,123.13 for extensions, $11,090.57 for maintenance, and $36,944.63 for construction of new work. Two hundred and forty thousand feet of twelve, ten, eight, and six-inch pipe were laid, leaving still to be laid 31,700 of twelve, eighteen, and four-inch pipe for connections, to cost $20,000. The commissioners also ask for the installation of a new pump at the station to insure the high-service a constant supply, as well as for fire protection. The pumping machinery is Worthington’s. There were pumped during the year 130,233,312 gallons; average static head, sixty-five feet; average dynamic, sixty-six ; fuel for year—coal, 806,518 pounds; wood, 13,500 pounds; gallons pumped per pound of coal, 424.87;…

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