Issue 24 and Volume 29.

ELECTRICAL POWER AT THE BUFFALO EXPOSITION. The amount of electricity used at the Pan-American Exposition building at Buffalo, N. Y., is causing trouble. A letter in the New York Sun, signed “Science,” is to the following effect s “The PanAmerican Exposition at Buffalo is using so much electricity generated by the power from Niagara Falls that it seriously affects the atmosphere, weather, and climate within a radius of more than 500 miles, causing fearful storms, laying waste towns and villages, sweeping, like the besom of destruction, over whole counties. They are proud of their splendid display of eleciric light, but don’t consider that it is the cause of these disasters. Scientists know it. It must be stopped. Revoke the charters; take the cables out of the heavens; stop the dynamos; or take the consequences! Every revolution of a dynamo tends to upset the whole oxygen of the air.”

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