Issue 24 and Volume 29.

WATER SUPPLY IN FIVE KENTUCKY CITIES. William H. Johnson, general inspector of the National Board of Underwriters, in reporting as to the water supply and fire protection in Covington, Newport, Lexington, Frankfort, and Shelbyville, Ky.. says that in Covington, in the business section, fully ninety per cent of the buildings are of brick from two to five stories high, not crowded and no danger of a general conflagration. The fire limits embrace the business section and a portion of the residence district. The area of danger is in the residence and manufacturing section, which has frame buildings and iswithout adequate fire protection. The streets are of good width, and the city has ordinances regulating the sale and storage of oils, combustibles,and dangerous explosives. The fire department is full paid, with chief and assistant and thirty-three Bremen assigned to seven fire companies. There are one firstclass and two secondclass Ahrens engines…

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