Issue 24 and Volume 29.

WATER-GRABBING IN LONDON. THE London water companies, knowing that the time is coming when they must be absorbed by the county oouncil and the whole system, including, of course, whatever new sources of supply may be acquired, are not only determined to die (if they must die) hard, but also to add as many shekels as they can to their already well filled coffers. One of the most recent moves in the latter direction has been to try to force through the British Parliament, where their influence, like that of the brewers, is very powerful, a bill, whoso object was to enrich the Southwark and Vauxliall Water company at the expense of the public. The object of the act was to enable the Hickmansworth and Uxbridge, Valley company to lay two pipes to outlying districts, where the company already has the right of supply, and to extend Its limit of…

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