Issue 24 and Volume 29.

A SUBAQUEOUS TUNNEL. Last week a riveted steel tunnel, with an inner shell of riveted steel of the same thickness, separated by a fifteen-inch thickness of concrete, was launched from the Crescent ship yards at Elizabethport, N. J., for use as a waterway from the river to the power station at Thirty-fourth street and the East River, which is at present being built by the Edison company. The tunnel is 225 feet long, is twelve and one-half feet in diameter and weighs about 1,200 tons. It will be towed to its position at Thirty-ninth street, where it will be sunk twenty-three feet under water and will serve as a huge aqueduct to lead water from the river to the condensing plant of the company. The foundation will be of piling and riprap The tunnel will have to be adjusted on this to the nicety of one sixty-fourth of an inch…

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