Issue 1 and Volume 30.

THE JACKSONVILLE PUMPING ENGINE. Statements having been made that the Worthington pumps for waterworks service at Jacksonville, Fla., had broken down during the.great fire in that city on May 3, 1901, the following report to the board of trustees for the waterworks and improvement bonds of the city of Jacksonville, Fla., by F. W. Ellis, chief engineer of the water department, under date of June 1, 1901, and letter from Mr. Ellis to Henry R. Worthington, Brooklyn,New York, under date of June 18, 1901, may be of interest. “At 12:39 p. m., the taps from box 57 came into station. One of the 5,000,000-gallon pumps was in service, and fire pressure was immediately raised to eighty-five pounds. It was not long before it was seen that one pump could not maintain the fire pressure. So the second 5,000,000-gallon pump was put to work and full pressure maintained up to about…

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