Issue 1 and Volume 30.

LARCHMONT’S UNIQUE FIRE DEPARTMENT. IN an article describing the volunteer fire department of Larchmont, Westchester county, N. Y., under Chief Mayhew W. Brouson, the New York Sun says that six of its members are millionaires, while a few are worth half a million dollars and more—the aggregate wealth of the members amounting to many millions. The Sun adds that “what is of far greater importance in the local estimation is the fact that the department is regarded by professional fiemen as the most effective volunteer fire organization in the country. Membership in it is open to any man who has the requisite strength,intelligence, and amenability to its rigid discipline, and in its ranks the railroad magnate vies with the day laborer, and the millionaire suburbanite, with his coachman or gardener.” In 1890 its apparatus consisted of an old. time brake engine, a hose reel, and a small collection of ladders.…

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