Issue 1 and Volume 30.

LATEST WATER NEWS. Sheridan, Ia., is putting in a waterworks plant. The burning of its waterworks plant has left Jackson, Miss., without water for fire protection. Hyattsville, Md., has awarded W. F. Minchall, the contract for the construction of its proposed waterworks system. Great distress and suffering exists at Huntington, W. Va., owing to the water famine which prevented the possibility of putting out the great fire of Tuesday. The pumps at the waterworks have failed; the city reservoirs are empty: and thousands of persons are temporarily ont of employment, as the factories cannot be run without water. During the hottest of the late intensely hot days West Hoboken N.J., was left for twenty-four without any water, owing to the bursting of a thirty-six-inch main leading from the reservoir. The Jerseymen round about rose to the occasion, and were soon on hand with water barrels, whose contents they disposed of—but…

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