Issue 2 and Volume 30.

BROOKLYN AND ITS WATER SUPPLY PROSPECTS. FOR some time after the copious rains of last April and May Commissioner Dalton, of this city’s department of water supply, was at considerable pains to assure the citizens of Greater New York that all fears of a water famine might safely be dismissed for many a long day-at least, by the dwellers in the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx, and that even Brooklyn was secure for some months-certainly till after the summer solstice. Now, however, a change has come over the spirit of his dream, and dire prophecies of impending scarcity are again being uttered. More especially is this the case with respect to the Brooklyn supply, where It appears there Is stored water enough for only ten days ahead of that borough’s dally consumption. If this is the ease, it can be only because billions of gallons were allowed to run…

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