Issue 2 and Volume 30.

FIRE AND WATER THE hot wave and the fire wave coming together have made the last week or two particularly deadly, owing to the loss of life and property. New England has suffered heavy fire losses, while New York’s loss of life has been out of all proportion. CHIEF ENGINEER BIRDSALL, of this city’s water department’s reported by the press as being in favor of spending $10,000,000 a year for three years in increasing the water supply. But that water supply could be more effectually and more cheaply increased by metering private taps and stopping the constant and unseen leakage in the mains. PROTECTION run mad and clad in a vesture of red tape recently caused the destruction of half the village of Hermannsreuth, close to the Bavarian frontier of Austria. A conflagration was raging; but the custom house authorities would not allow the fire engines to pass the frontier…

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