Issue 2 and Volume 30.

AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. TWENTY-FIRST ANNUAL CONVENTION. WEDNESDAY’S SESSION (CONTINUED.) (Special stenographic report of proceedings.) M. R. BAILEY, continuing his address in the discussion on the paper entitled “An attempt to prove that thrift in the operation of waterworks is more economical than waste,” by Clemens Herschel, hydraulic engineer of New York city, went on to say that the present point of interest to himself was, what could be done to overcome, not the arguments against the use of the meters, but the prejudice against them. All knew what could be done; but they had to deal with citi/.ens and consumers. At Albany they had to meet both landlords and politicians. The landlord said: “ Hore, I’ve got this property; it doesn’t bring me in anything;! cunnot control my tenants, and you are lmpoisng a burden upon me. The tenants, if they want to, will let that water run, and…

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