Issue 2 and Volume 30.

CHICAGO AND TALL BUILDINGS. Once more an agitation in favor of extending the legal height of tall buildings has been set on foot in Chicago. The maximum height at present allowed by the law is 130 feet, or ten-stories; but special permission may be, and is granted by the council to exceed that height. The city fathers are now being petitioned to pass an ordinance authorizing the extension of the limit to 175 feet, and thus to allow of fifteen-story structures being erected-and this chiefly on the ground that ten-story buildings do not pay, and thaf the existing limitations discourage men from investing in this class of property. Real estate agents are against granting the required permission. They claim that tall buildings are a bail thing for Chicago realty, and that the more they are erected, the more restricted will become the boundaries of the business sections, and the less…

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