Issue 2 and Volume 30.

LATEST WATER NEWS. A waterworks system is being built at Newell, la. Mill Creek, Tex., will build a waterworks system. Durham, N. C., Water company is improving its system at a cost of $75,000. Gloucester, Mass., will secure an additional water supply from Haskell’s pond. To bring water to London from Wales will cost $190,000,000, and will be sufficient only to provide for the next fifty years. Corunna, Mich., stands in great need of a waterworks system both for fire protection and domestic use. The work could be done for about $18,000. Irondale, Ala., Water, Light and Power company, has awarded the contract to J. L. Burns & Co., of Birmingham, to build its new waterworks system. Artesian water abounds at Indio on the Colorado desert. The land there is rich, and, with water, will produce almost anything in the vegetable kingdom. The Brockport, N. Y., authorities have quarreled with…

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