Issue 3 and Volume 30.

FOREST FIRE LINES. Pine forests are in all probability the most easily set on fire, and this is especially true of those growing on sandy soil Such forests form the chief stand of the district at Chorin, a little village near Eberswalde, in Prussia. The pines (Piuus sylvestris) are growing in clear stand on a sandy soil, presumably the delta formation of the under ice streams of the glacier that once covered the region. The stand is especially endangered by the main line of railroad from Berlin to Stettin, but, despite these conditions, there have been very few serious forest fires iu it. That there have not been more is due solely to the excellent system of fire lines which cut up the stand into small sections aud successfully prevent the spreading of any lire that may start. Such is the complete system of fire lines in u-e in the…

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