Issue 5 and Volume 30.

FIRE AND WATER FOR Chicago, of all pluces in the world, to think of cutting down the appropriation, for, and the pay of the members of its fire department is not only the height of absurdity, but the acme of criminal folly. To adopt such a policy is simply suicidal. THE $300,000,000 which England has had to make to cover a part of the cost of her South African war seems wicked to some and enormous to all. But she will at all events be aide to annex two fire provinces to her empire as a compensation What has the United StatcB to show for the $155,000,000—more than half the total of the British loan, in return for the tire-waste of the past year. If that sum had been expended in fireproofing buildings or providing modern lire apparatus, and equipping lire departments with proper means for fire protection, ihe money…

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