Issue 5 and Volume 30.

MODERN FIRE-FIGHTING METHODS. IT is interesting to note the rapid changes made in the fire-fighting service of the country. Many of the old, but by many cherished,methods have disappeared, and like the hand engine never to return, unless incases of extreme emergency. In their place we have such modernized equipment as self-propelling or automobile engines and wagous, keyless fire alarm boxes; rubber tires and roller-bearing axles; steamers with electric search lights; electric hose signalling; large fire streams, fireboats and special fire force mains, besides numerous appliances that have reduced the conquering of fire to almost a science. So rapid have these improvements been made that the ordinary mind can scarcely keep pace with them. It is not possible to predict what may be the principal methods adopted, or w^at description of apparatus will be used in the future, but it seems easy to predict, when looking back at what has…

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