Issue 5 and Volume 30.

IRRIGATION IN ARIZONA. The building of an immense storage reservoir and the culmination of the most ambitious irrigation plan that has ever been handled in the world, except that of the great reservoir on the Nile, is the object of the work now being done in Arizona by representatives of the government hydrographic survey, headed by Arthur P. Davis, chief of the department. It is planned to build an immense dam near the head of the Salt river and to hold in reserve the millions of gallons of flood-water which go to waste each winter. In the Tonto country, seventy miles north of Phamix, the Salt river breaks through a deep canyon and flows down through the Salt river valley. It serves to irrigate, by the system now in use, about 200,000 acres, and has created lands which are the most productive in the world, producing from one to five…

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