Issue 8 and Volume 30.

MONTAUK FIRE-DETECTING WIRE COMPANY. This firm, formerly the Montauk Multiphase Cable company, has made remarkable progress during the past year in the introduction of its wire throughout buildings. This fire-detecting wire consists of two conductors. The central wire, or core, which forms one bide of the circuit, has a thick coating or wall of fusible metal; over this is an insulating coating. A number of fine wires are wound over this coating to form a second conductor. The whole is then covered with suitable insulation. When flame or a dangerous degree of heat comes in contact with this wire it will establish electrical connection between the two conductors and give a signal on the premises equipped. The New York board of underwriters has approved the system in the following resolution passed by that body: “Resolved, That this board approves of the fire-detecting wire hereafter described, as a fire alarm device…

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