Issue 8 and Volume 30.

POISON IN THE CISTERN. Unwholesome water having been discovered in a cistern in the Ladd premises at Madtsonville, N. J., it was subjected to a rigid investigation as was also the cistern. The wall of the latter.it was then discovered, from the bottom up to the water line bad changed from a light gray to a deep blue color. No amount of scouring with the several preparations that were used waa effective in bringing the wall back to its original color, and the owner of the property decided to have the cistern cemented again from top to bottom. Before the water, which was two feet m depth.was taken out, the local health officer secured a sample of it, and made an analysis. He found it to contain a large quantity of sulphate of copper or blue vitriol,thus corroborating the suspicious previously entertained as to the nature of the stuff that…

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