Issue 8 and Volume 30.

POLITICS AND CHEMICAL ENGINES. Eatanswill borough, of Pickwickian fame, was at one time all torn up socially over the painting of the town pump—one class of politicians wanting it to be the color of their own party; the other demanding that it should represent the old time Whig blue. So in a Jersey town, which shall be nameless, because the majority of its population being men of sound sense, must not be shamed in the eyes of the world by the rehearsal of their flreboard’s foolishness, the matter of choosing between two makes of chemical engines resolved itself into one of politics, and because the president refused to vote as one of his colleagues wished, he was accused of “always voting with the Democrats ! ” To outsiders it is not easy to see why politics should have anything to do in such a question as the purchase of fire…

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