Issue 8 and Volume 30.

FIRE IN THE PABST BREWERY, MILWAUKEE. SHORT time ago the elevator of the Pabst brewery, Milwaukee, Wis., was damaged by a fire which spread to the rest of the building, but by the good work of Chief Foley and his department was stopped before the building and its contents were seriously injured. The fire had made considerable headway before it was discovered, which gave the flames a big lead over the department. The elevator was thirty by thirty by 103 feet high, and the fire started under the roof and was a very quick burner. Chief Foley arrived on the ground in about five minutes after the alarm sounded,and at this time it was impossible to save the elevator, the only chance being to hold the fire and, if posssible, save the mall house directly east of, and almost adjoining the elevator—a narrow alley ten or twelve feet wide dividing…

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