Issue 8 and Volume 30.

FIRE NEWS FROM ALL PARTS. Bracevlile, Ill., has elected E. E. Marshal chief of its fire department. John Haas has donated $500 to the Firemen’s fund of Fargo, N Dak. At Milwaukee the city council committees on salaries and fire voted to increase Chief Foley’s salary from $3,600 to $4,000 a year. Chief Mnsham, of the Chicago fire department, is taking steps to secure the observance of the law concerning the storage of explosives. Two fire companies were recently organized at Amherst, Wis. The chief of the department is J. F. Berghoite; the assistant is Enoch Wold. Battalion Chief Sheldon H. Wright, of the Cleveland, Ohio, fire department, died suddenly of heart disease shortly after returning from a fire. Napa, Cal., is having a $1,000 Gamewell fire alarm system installed at the expense of the Unity hose company. It will have a storage battery. At the request of Mayor Johnson,…

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