Issue 8 and Volume 30.

MILLBURN AND ITS IMPURE WATER. Within a short interval four cases of typhoid fever and a like number of malarial fever have developed in Millburn, N. J., the direct cause of which is attributed to drinking water. So far none of the patients have died, though two of them are in a precarious condition. In one household, where there is a convalescent from typhoid, the girl’s father and two brothers have had the malarial fever, and the cause has been traced to a spring beneath the house, from which their drinking water was obtained Their apartment is in a large tenement house on Main street, occupied by three other families, and they, with two more tenants in an adjoining house, have been using the water from this spring. An investigation has proved that the spring has no outlet, and that the water flowing into it has simply percolated through the…

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