Issue 8 and Volume 30.

THE YANTACAW CHEMICAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER. The Yantacaw chemical engine in its various forms, consists of cylinders filled with a chemical compound —in crystals—which cylinders are inserted in the ordinary hose, so that the water passing through them dissolves the chemical and is saturated with it. Its points of advantage are as follows: (1 ) It is always ready. The chemical does not deteriorate with age, aud there is no corrosion. There is no need periodically to test the machine to know whether it will work. As long as the water supply is sure, a man may be sure of his machine when the emergency comes. The Yantacaw is ready for use at any lime, unless the whole water supply has failed, which is an unlikely contingency. (2.) A child can handle it. It requires no skill. There are no instructions to be read. Simply turn on the water and point…

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