Issue 11 and Volume 30.

WATER SHEET FOR BUILDINGS. The principle of the so-callod water curtain which was proposed quite a number of years ago for fire protection in theatres, being intended to cut off the auditorium from the stage, has of late been applied in many instances for ordinary building protection, (says Cassier’s Magazine), the arrangement being such as to cause water to fall in a sheet—either all round a structure or down one side of several sides of it. In the case of one large public building, of which particulars have recently been given, a seveninch steel water main is laid round the top of the structure, upon the broad stone table formed by the top of the coping. This pipe is connected with forcepumps in the basement, and, through perforations properly arranged, insures the introduction of a substantial sheet of water from cornice to pavement, round the whole or any Imperiled portion…

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