Issue 15 and Volume 30.

NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT AND ITS APPROPRIATION. Fire Commissioner Scannell, of the New York fire department, has asked for $179,227.50 more than this year’s appropriation of $2,719,327 for Manhattan and the Bronx. He also asked for a new fireboat, to cost $75,000, to take the place of the Havemeyer, which has just been sold. A new $75,000 fireboat is also asked for the shore front of the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. When Deputy Commissioner Tully asked for money for the volunteer firemen of Queens, he said there were sixteen companies. “If you were here all the time you’d think there were 1,600 companies,” put in the mayor. “I’ve no sympathy with them. They refuse to allow the commissioner of accounts to examine their books to see how the money the city gave them was spent. They kicked the commissioner’s men out when they tried to look at the books.…

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